Nearly 40 years ago, Dr. Tork first developed a single revolutionary product to solve a specific leather manufacturing problem. This revolutionary invention set into action a long line of product development breakthroughs for the process of manufacturing goods made of leather, fabric, and wood.

Although UNITERS has established a reputation for solving complex production issues in home goods manufacturing, the Research Centre also has the resources to develop and test products composed of metal, stone, plastic, or glass. UNITERS can guide your company through all steps in the process from conception to post-production marketing.

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Many of the top furniture retailers across the globe provide or recommend UNITERS’ line of cleaning and care products to their customers. UNITERS Research Centre, the foremost industry product testing and development facility, has developed hundreds of innovative solutions designed for the care and repair of multiple furniture components including leather, fabric, microfiber, suede, nubuck, and wood.

For nearly 30 years, UNITERS has built the trust of leading furniture retailers and their customers on a reputation of quality and performance. UNITERS brands such as Leather Master®, Textile Master®, and Wood Master®, have long been household names in furniture protection and care, ensuring the retailer’s recommendation will preserve a positive buying experience after the sale.

UNITERS automotive products are used and endorsed by some of the world’s most luxurious sports car manufacturers to protect the interiors of their high performance automobiles, before leaving the factory. For auto enthusiasts and professionals alike, UNITERS products are designed to protect and clean leather, upholstery, and microfiber, preserving the showroom floor look and feel.

UNITERS products have been tested and approved by the FAA for safe use aboard commercial aircraft. UNITERS works to incorporate effective but eco-friendly ingredients in all products, going above and beyond the industry standards whenever possible.

With a wide range of product solutions designed at the UNITERS Research Centre to protect and extend the life of the aircraft interior, UNITERS helps airlines keep more flights in the air and out of the maintenance hangar.

With a solid reputation for product quality and performance in home goods, manufacturers of fashion apparel have turned to the experts at UNITERS to solve the most complex cut and sew production issues. Developing production solutions for everything from watchbands to luxury handbags, UNITERS innovation is paving the way in the protection and enhancement of apparel and accessories.

Professional boat detailers at marinas and seaports across the globe choose UNITERS products for their operations, as they are the most effective and easy to use solutions available in the marketplace. As with all UNITERS products, the complete line of marine products is designed to be safer for the environment, protecting our waterways and oceans.

UNITERS Research Centre is located in the heart of the World’s leather tannery capital, Arzignano, Italy. Dr. Tork has long been recognized as the supreme authority on leather manufacturing processes. Many tanneries across the globe have relied on UNITERS research, testing, and development to solve even the toughest leather tanning production issues.

Below are a few of the product categories UNITERS specifically engineers for the leather tanning process:

    Odor Removers

    Finish Protectors




Tack is a valued investment for horse owners, proper care & protection of Saddles, Bridles, Martingales, Breastplates and Girths is an essential part extending their life and safe use.

UNITERS is proud to provide a wide variety of products for tack and leather care & protection. Leather care & protection runs deep in the history of UNITERS creating a natural connection with the rich traditions of the equestrian industry.

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Furniture manufacturers are continually searching for solutions to enhance the appearance and increase the longevity of their products post-production. Many rely on the advances made at the UNITERS Research Centerin Italy to set the standard for furniture manufacturing processes.

Below are just a few of the product categories UNITERS produces that are specifically engineered for furniture production:

    Deck Labels

    Care Kits



    Strong Cleaner

    CLP Color /CLA Color

    Sherlock Professional Color System

Logistics & fulfillment

UNITERS has two state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution facilities strategically located to service each coast and optimize efficiency, while reducing shipping times. Our facilities in Greensboro, NC, and Reno, NV, offer over 80,000 square feet of racked warehouse space and efficient distribution capability, including drop-ship.

UNITERS is the only company that houses a collection of over 20,000 leather color samples in our color matching library. Throughout nearly three decades of partnerships with leather manufacturers, UNITERS has compiled the largest sampling of finish colors in the industry.

Furniture or fashion manufacturers using our products to finish goods or professional technicians requiring a color match to repair or restore furniture can send UNITERS a sample to analyze. The color specialists at UNITERS lab will examine the pigments and finish to produce the correct color compound. UNITERS will even advise the technician on how to properly apply the color to hide or mask a pigment difference in raw materials, finished leather or textiles. Independent Color System

For furniture or fashion manufacturers requiring professional testing of leather material for compliance with industry standards or to identify the cause of production problems, UNITERS Research Centre offers a full-range of testing services.

Leather samples are evaluated through a combination of flex, rub, and light resistance test processes. After testing is complete, UNITERS technicians will provide a detailed report on the cause and solution.